Prior art#

Similar tools#

Thanks to @joouha for maintaining a list of these tools. Many of the projects here were found directly on their page.

Complimentary tools#

If you’re interested in complimentary tools that help improve the terminal experience for notebooks, there are many amazing projects out there.

  • bat is not a tool for notebooks specifically. But similar to nbpreview, it provides a rich output for many types of files on the terminal, and is the primary inspiration for nbpreview.

  • euporie is a really exciting project that allows you to edit and run Jupyter notebooks on the terminal.

  • nbclient is a library for executing notebooks from the command line.

  • nbpreview is another project that coincidentally shares a name with this one. It allows for Jupyter notebooks to be rendered without running a notebook server.

  • nbqa allows the use of linters and formatters on notebooks. It’s also used by this project.

  • jpterm is and up-and-coming successor to nbterm which will be accompanied by a web client. Looking forward to seeing this develop.

  • nbtermix is an actively-developed fork of nbterm.

  • nbterm lets you edit and execute Jupyter Notebooks on the terminal.

  • papermill allows the parameterization and execution of Jupyter Notebooks.